A message in a bottle

May 16 / During rehearsal.

We work on characters and Philip wants to illustrate a miserable man.
„“I should have a bottle of beer in my hand.“
The white people in the room look kind of astonished.
What has this to do with miserable.
In Bavaria so many people drink beer.
„“In my country someone walking around with a bottle of beer is considered a miserable man.“

My thoughts go to the many people in the streets of Munich who run around with a bottle of beer, who sit in trains, stand around, sit on the ground.
Well dressed people, homeless people, party people, leisure time people …

My thoughts go further.
When i grew up people would never drink on the street.
For drinking a beer, a juice, coffee or water you would go to a Cafe, Restaurant, Biergarten, it was something special.
0r sit at least somewhere on a bench, taking time, and certainly not to obvious.
People walking around with bottles, drinking beer on the street,
were considered very bad educated, poor people, really miserable.

I still find it strange and not very attractive, when people drink on the street.


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