black and white

Barbara, performer.

After a very strong and enriching first experience of Africa in Senegal, i met my fellow performers from Uganda at the Jour Fixe.

Africa is not Africa. Europe is not Europe.

The dances are a bit different. When i talk to Catherine, one of the dancers, she tells me that she was at the dance academie in Dakar for several courses and this made her finally feel grounded , feel her own african roots. I am surprised, i thought that africans are always grounded.

When i tell her, that arriving in Senegal, i was startled that everybody was black, she is surprised. Obvious!? As a german person i needed some time to get used to it as an african dancer needs to get grounded.

I am looking forward for this exchange, discoveries, differences and similiraties.

And still black is not black, white is not white.

(Photo: ©Carmen Kovacs)


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